Reniassance Prophetic Network

Reniassance Prophetic Network Apostle Bernard is currently meeting with persons interested in joining Reniassaince Prophetic Network for 2023. If you’re interested in meeting with Apostle Bernard for a virtual meeting email him at

Apostle Bernard Boulton is the founder and senior leader of The Renaissance Prophetic Network, a 21st-century initiative geared toward mentoring, equipping, and empowering Ephesians 4:11 believers with new life. Bringing over 30 years of experience in pastoring churches, equipping, and apostolic fathering, he is now serving as a lighthouse for those exploring their new wine and seeking new application and understanding in their prophetic, creative giftings and callings.

Specifically, Apostle Boulton guides prophetic people who are building ministries with a profound prophetic edge, helping them become effective and prosperous in their metron. This includes leaders of ministries and churches, entrepreneurs, prophetic scribal types, and artisans from various walks of life. He recognizes that the leaders the Lord is raising up today are being set apart for the new day the congregation has entered into as a result of the unprecedented times in which we live.

Apostle Boulton recognizes that what the congregation needs right now are leaders and tools that complement the Lord’s cry for ministry integrity and maturity.

Apostle Bernard was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He gave his life to the Lord at a young age and began preaching in 1984. By 1993, he was an experienced preacher and teacher of the Word and began pastoring while also traveling nationally and internationally to speak.

 In 2007, he began to experience the Lord prophetically through the ministry of prophets. Then, in 2012, his life and ministry began to dramatically change during his time as a student in The School of the Scribe with Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson. The Lord visited him many times, began revealing his call as an apostle, and led him out of the traditional, denominational church. It was during this time that he began pioneering the Watchman on Walls Fellowship across the southeast which he operated until 2020. This seed in the ground would ultimately release the vision for The Renaissance Prophetic Network which is now headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.